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GSoC 2014 - Post Midsemester

July 27, 2014 // permalink

Apologies for not being able to blog more actively!

Updates from previous blog post

  1. My notifier component got merged. David is now working on improved notifications sitewide. So my work might be side lined.
  2. YouTube Analytics PR got merged.
  3. Made the wiki page buttons sticky, although they are disabled right now. Since we plan, to run Optimizely test on that.
  4. I landed my first commit on KumaScript, added dependency badges. Wish I could do more there.
  5. Some more UI/UX improvements here and there.

Apart from this I also happened to attend MozCamp Beta India in Bangalore from 20 - 22nd June. One of the best weekends, of my vacation. Met some incredible people including habber, who is UX lead at Mozilla. And also helps with UI/UX work on MDN.

I also attended a Fireside Chat on Stylus by John Karalis (openjck), which was a nice experience. You can check the slides and video recordings - part 1 and part 2.

I also got almost a week off 14 - 18th July, while I was away for a small vacation to Singapore Family.

This week was quite busy, upgraded Font Awesome from 3.2 to 4.1 after’s David’s PR got reverted. More than 150 icon names got changed. Making it impossible to manually change class names in code and also in our docs.

I ended up using Stylus, to add support for legacy icon names. Will probably write another blog post about that.

Apart from this, I created pull requests for bug 1043818, bug 1008698 and bug 858958. All of them are 95% there, and hopefully should get them merged next week.

Oh! BTW, I passed Mid Semester evaluation :smiley: !



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