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GSoC 2014 - Week 4

June 16, 2014 // permalink

This week I continued to iterate on my mozNotifier component. David, suggested we avoid hard-coding selectors. And make our component future-proof by adding a few options.

At MDN, we have switched to the new analytics.js. And we have a lof of custom events to improve the user experience. I wanted to play with analytics, so I picked on an issue to add analytics for YouTube videos. This was tricky, since we use iFrames for embedding most of our YouTube videos. I used the YouTube iFrame API, to get track video events. The PR is still in review and might require some work. Right now, I am tracking the following events

  1. YouTube Video load
  2. Playback Quality
  3. Play / Paused / Buffering / Finished state
  4. And every 10% increements of video completion

I also worked on another PR, to fix the wiki save buttons overlapping the form fields. The issue appeared to be only in Chrome and Safari. I plan to iterate on this and make the save buttons sticky, so that writers don’t have to scroll up after making comments to wiki edit page.



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