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GSoC 2014 - Week 2

June 03, 2014 // permalink

This week I continued to work on bug 989089 and got the PR merged into production. Had to do few iterations on this -

  1. Came up jQuery UI slider solution
  2. HTML5 Slider solution
  3. Duration widget - 3 numeric fields
  4. Changing the styling
  5. Setting good defaults and step values.

About 5 iterations, and everybody is happy!

But there was a drama to this, I set the default of page expiration to 15 minutes as asked by sheppy. Which queued up lot of articles unnecessarily in production.

And it ended up in resulting another bug to reset the page expiration times of the pages that had been affected.

I also landed another PR in production, to correctly display wiki styles in CKEditor. This was a minor bug – but something important for the editors allowing them to view correct formatting of the article from within the editor.

Lessons learnt for the week, I guess.



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